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Management of environmental projects, advanced GIS analyses, and ecological and environmental consulting for planning and execution

Nahal Hemar Landscape Development

Ecological consultanting for the restoration of Hemar wetland, and development of tourism infrastructure.

מבט מתל גזר.JPG
Natural Site Conservation Managment Project

Planning & management of natural sites in Gezer Regional Council

חלוקה לנפות.jpg
Strategic Plan for Infrastructure and Transportation in Haifa and the North

Ecological and environmental consulting for a comprehensive strategic plan encompassing  Israel's Northen district

Shade Analysis in Haifa

Construction and execuion of a GIS model to examine tree-shade coverage in the Haifa municipality area

Fire Buffer Zones in Haifa

Mapping fire buffer zones & fire spread using remote sensing and machine learning.

Environmental Assesments for Zoning and Planning

Review of natural and landscape resources and guidelines for landscape restoration for settlements in Gush Etzion

סקר טבע תא
Urban Nature Survey in Tel Aviv

Building an ecological database of Tel Aviv natural sites for urban planning

Comprehensive Strategic Planning for Regional Development

Ecological consulting for a comprehensive planning strategy in Ramat Negev Regional Council.

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