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Landscape • Environment • Ecology

Ecological and environmental consulting and environmental project management

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EcologyWise - Landscape • Environment • Ecology

Project managment & ecological, environmental and GIS services

In EcologyWise, we envision a world where humans and nature coexist in harmony. We understand that to achieve this vision, we must confront the challenging environmental issues that lie ahead of us: global warming, hazardous waste accumulation, and the dramatic decline in biodiversity. Therefore, we offer innovative and advanced environmental and ecological solutions for a variety of organizations and projects, based on sustainable thinking that takes into account humans and the natural systems that surround them.

EcologyWise is an environmental project management and ecological consulting firm that specializes in applied ecology and nature conservation ecology. It was founded in 2005 by Dr. Guy Rothem, an applied ecologist and nature conservation specialist, and employs a multidisciplinary team of experts in various fields. We use advanced scientific and technological tools, such as remote sensing and GIS, to bring extensive environmental and ecological knowledge into planning and development processes. We provide environmental project management and consulting, ecological and environmental consulting, and GIS consulting to organizations in public and private sector with maintenance and impact on open spaces and built-up areas.

In doing so, we lead a sustainable development approach that promotes our vision of a better world.


Urban ecology and nature

Urban nature surveys and interface between built-up areas and nature.


Ecological consulting for management and conservation of wetlands, planning and creation of humid habitats

Environmental process management and consulting

Environmental guidance and consulting for planning, execution, and management of environmental projects.

Ecological research

Nature reserves, ecological restoration, zoological and botanical surveys, including agroecology.

GIS Spatial mapping and analysis

GIS consulting, remote sensing, and spatial model building.

Policy documents

For conservation of nature and the environment for entities that have an impact on the open spaces


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