Israel Nature and Parks Authority (NPA)

Monitoring and examination of the rehabilitation of the western Negev ecosystem after fire incidents
A long-term study examining ecological rehabilitation processes in the areas that were burned in the western Negev. The study includes an examination of the rehabilitation processes of the plant community, the arthropod community and the soil. The study’s analysis prosses included using remote sensing tools – satellite data and high-resolution footage taken by drones. In addition, we analyzed soil erosion through DSM modeling and high-resolution imagery.

Examination of the effect of grazing on the structure of the plant community in the Negev, Judea and the Jordan Valley
Long-term research analyzing the impact of grazing on plant community. Based on this information, tools will be developed to manage the grazing interface in desert open areas, while maintaining biodiversity and natural species richness.

Monitoring animals using cameras
Working on this project, we analyzed large amounts of information that was collected by cameras placed in “Metsuk HaTsinim Reserve” and “Yotvata Reserve”. We used advanced software (Time-lapse Image Analyzer) that was recently developed for this purpose. Later, a complex data analysis based on Model selection and Occupancy level was performed, using advanced software such as Mark and R.

Leading the development of management interface plans for many nature reserves in the southern region – Ramon Crater, Metsuk HaTsinim, HaMakhtesh HaGadol, Har Amasa
Botanical, zoological and human review & planning of the reserve. The plan reviews the nature and heritage values in the reserved area, the operation and management, the education and training activities carried out in the reserve. It offers a series of recommendations for the management and future interface of the reserve, including guidelines for implementation. In addition, the plan offers planning alternatives, and options for development and rehabilitation. The plan includes hiking trail recommendations, visitor load management, wildlife interface, invasive and species interface, heritage site interface and more.

Hedgehogs in agricultural systems survey (link to agro-ecology service)
Partnership in the implementation of agro-ecological processes in the agricultural areas of regional councils

Ramon crater international starlight reserve dark sky park designation nomination package
Preparation of a proposal with the NPA of a star reserve in the Mitzpe Ramon area. The document was submitted to The International Dark-Sky Association.

Infrastructure rehabilitation processes success examination in the Southern District
Examining the degree of success of various rehabilitation operations undertaken in the Southern District for infrastructure work over the past few decades and comparing different rehabilitation practices for learning and improvement purposes. The study includes an examination of the rehabilitation of the plant community, the arthropods community and soil erosion. In addition, remote sensing tools were used in the study such as satellite data and high-resolution footage from drones.

Deer and fox habitat change in the Jordan Valley
Between 1998 and 2018, mammal counts were held in the Judea and Samaria District. The counts remained constant throughout the years both in trajectories and methods. We performed the following analyzes: density analysis and mapping, preparation of a land use map set, estimation of the extent of the change in agricultural / open areas / localities, built a model for identifying the habitats of common species, mapped preferred habitats.

Israel's Ministry of Environmental Protection

Consultants to the open areas’ division of the Ministry of Environmental Protection
Professional Ecological advisers on diverse ecological issues including spatial planning, development and interface.

Ramat HaNegev Regional council

Ramat HaNegev Regional Council, Israel

Environment supporting agriculture
Accompanying the Ramat HaNegev Regional Council in leading environmental supporting agriculture in the Nitzana area. This plan includes three disciplines: driving a community-wide process of long-term cooperation between farmers, council, R&D, and agricultural committees to promote agroecology projects in the area. Removing abandoned greenhouses and agricultural waste for the rehabilitation of the land and for the reuse of agricultural land. Promoting the treatment of invasive species by building a joint plan with the area’s farmers.

Ibex in Midreshet Ben Gurion, treatment suggestions
In recent years, we have witnessed the massive entry of ibex into the built area of ​​Midreshet Ben-Gurion community. Ibex which enter the area are often observed eating trash and other unhealthy foods. Their entering the field may lead to wildlife domestication and habituation processes to human presence and thus lead to a long line of behavioral changes in this wildlife population. In addition, the entry of ibex to the populated area created a loss of quality of life for residents, eating of landscaped gardens and private gardens, and fear of residents from getting hurt. Ramat HaNegev Regional Council requested our consultancy in finding solutions to reduce encounters between the population and the population.

Advisers to the Council’s Environmental Committee
The Environmental Committee is a statutory body that operates by law and is intended to accompany the environmental unit on the one hand and to allow transparency and public discourse on environmental issues on the other. For several years, we have accompanied the Ramat HaNegev Environmental Committee on various professional aspects, and in this context, we provided opinions, reports etc. on the issues at stake.

Netivot Municipality

Netivot Municipality

Urban Ecologists
Guidance and advice on planning and operational aspects of urban nature and open spaces in Netivot. The role includes, among other things, accompanying all stages of the planning of programs and plans with potential impact on open spaces, management of urban nature sites and interfaces with urban plans and external authorities, and increasing public awareness and involvement in the community.

Lerman Ben-Shushan

Lerman Ben Shushan

Yoav Regional Council Master plan
As part of a multidisciplinary team, creating an inclusive master plan that includes agro-ecological consultation to the council. Writing a report on the current situation in the Council’s ecology wise, examining the central ecological issues and presenting future planning to deal with them. Mapping ecological corridors, eco-sensitive areas, conflicts, hazards and other issues.

Timna Mining Rehabilitation Master Plan
As part of a multidisciplinary team creating a master plan for rehabilitating the past damages of the Timna mines. Studying and analyzing the existing situation and set goals and objectives for the program, developing planning alternatives and formulate a selected alternative. Including collecting, mapping and analyzing existing information about the area, developing ecological planning solutions, adapting mechanisms and implementation methods for each damage and more.

Ramat HaNegev Regional Council Master plan
As part of a multidisciplinary team, creating an inclusive master plan that includes ecological consultation to the council. Writing a report on the current situation in the Council’s ecology wise, examining the central ecological issues and presenting future planning to deal with them. Mapping ecological corridors, eco-sensitive areas, conflicts, hazards and other issues.

Jewish National Fund (JNF KKL)

Ha-Mal’akhim-Shkharya Forest Ecological Survey
Creating a database as a background for a master plan for the forestry interface. An ecological survey to identify nature and landscape values and ecological consultancy for the Shkharya forest planners.

Karmon Forest Ecological Survey
Nature survey including botanical survey, birds, mammals, reptiles and butterflies in the Ashkelon area. A comprehensive survey of wooded areas in the agricultural area to identify nature and landscape values and ecological advice to accompany the planning process. The survey shows the great importance of natural and planted areas in the agricultural mosaic for the conservation of the fauna and flora of the area.

Bohu River Ecological Survey
Boho River, in the foothills of the city of Netivot, is at the center of urban renewal and expansion plans. In this context, the stream is to undergo a scenic and ecological restoration process. As part of the ecological survey, we carried out a series of surveys on a variety of topics – botany, poultry, large mammals, rodents and butterflies. This information will be used to determine ecological values, which will form the basis for planning decisions in the stream area.

Netivot Municipality

Beit Shemesh, Israel Municipality

Urban Nature Survey
Leading and conducting a nature survey designed to produce an urban snapshot of the natural infrastructure in Beit Shemesh by building an up-to-date database of the city’s natural systems. The survey includes botanical, poultry, mammals and reptiles. The second step is to integrate survey products into the urban and engineering information system to serve as a tool for planners and decision-makers in the city preserve the natural values and make the sites accessible to residents.

Israel's Electric Company

“Ashalim-Tlalim” power line and many other lines
In this project, and in others like it, we are accompanying the design and construction process of a new power line in the Ashalim-Tlalim area. In this context, we assist the Electric Company in identifying ecological issues arising from the establishment of the power line and its long-term impact and formulate recommendations for maintaining local animal and plant communities.

Society for Protection of Nature (SPN)

Invasive species surveys
‘Heterotheca subaxillaris’ (camphorweed) an invasive species that is presently spread over vast areas of Israel’s coastal plains. The species ‘Verbesina encelioides’ is also an invasive species that is widespread across vast sandy areas. In a site survey for public activity to eradicate both invasive species, we surveyed the area between Ashdod in the north and Kibbutz Karmia in the south and the area of ​​the Ramat Negev Regional Council in the east, with a view to mapping out the invasions of these species. Based on a quantitative and qualitative assessment, recommended treatment sites were selected according to the priorities.

Ecological impacts of the northern Negev afforestation process (link to the article in publications)
Partners in the writing of the ecological chapter examining the impact of afforestation in the northern Negev on the ecosystem as part of a comprehensive review process of the Nature Conservation Division of SPN.

National Rodent Biological Pest Control Project Southern Area Coordinators
A national project in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, SPN and the University of Tel Aviv, which aims to use barn owls as biological pest control in agriculture. As part of this project, we are responsible for the Negev region. Each spring we monitor the nesting boxes, in about 40 different communities. As part of the survey, we document the population of barn owls and conduct ringing.

The Dead Sea Drainage Authority

Kina River Survey
An ecological survey was conducted as part of the process of rehabilitation of the Kina River near Arad, the objectives of which were: creating a basis and background for the area planning and assessing the ecological importance of the area. Based on a botanical survey conducted in the area of ​​the survey, botanical values ​​and habitat values ​​were evaluated. This information, combined with an open space sequencing model, enables receiving an ecological value for the survey area. This information forms the basis for further landscape and spatial development planning.

Ecological consultants for the Zin River Basin master plan
As part of a multidisciplinary team creating a master plan for the Zin River Basin. Providing ecological consulting to the various planning alternatives and conducting ecological guidelines for the selected alternative.

Yoav Regional Council

Building and implementing principles for ego-ecological farming
Leading in partnership with the ‘Regional Council Center’, the Ministry of Agriculture, Yoav Regional Council agro-ecological program, the building of an agricultural management plan for the area while implementing and using environmentally friendly farming tools. This is done by characterizing the ecosystem and the agricultural system. Based on the information we have accumulated we formulated a series of operative recommendations for the Yoav Regional Council.

Nature and landscape survey for the northern Negev
The purpose this survey is to determine ecological values ​​for open spaces in the Yoav regional council area, so that this information will be used as a tool for creating planning alternatives, as part of the overall master plan for the council. The survey included a botanical survey, a poultry survey and a reptile survey. In addition, botanical, zoological and ecological values ​​maps, open space sequence maps, landscape values ​​maps have been prepared. An ecological reference has been made to the design alternatives within the master plan.